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Your slap bass wish is my command!

Whilst busy here working on my slap bass course, I thought it prudent to ask if you have specifics you’d like to see included! If you were granted three slap bass lesson wishes, what would they be? Your wish is my command – add your three wishes using the google form link here:

We’re taking a break – back soon…

Hi all – hope you’re well! After a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided to take a break from YouTube for a month, to focus on making my Slap Bass Course! To be honest, it’s not really a choice – it’s out of necessity! I’ve worked my ass off on the channel since January and am […]

How to Slap Bass FASTER | 2 Minute Tuesday

Hi, hope you’re doing well! I know first hand, just how frustrating getting slap bass playing up to speed can be! This “Two Minute Tuesday” video outlines a PROVEN METHOD that’ll help you play Slap Bass – FASTER! This principle works universally and doesn’t only apply to slap bass playing! Let me know in the […]

Focus MORE on your strengths!

Focus on your strengths Sure growth is important, be it person or spiritual, but spending more time focusing on the thing’s we’re good at, and less on the thing’s we’re not so good at is CURICAL!Recognise your strengths, then learn to love, nurture and build on them! If you don’t believe you have any (I’ve […]

SECRET Left Hand Slap Bass Technique | 2 Minute Tuesday

Hi, Scott – hope you’re doing well! This week’s video is all about slap bass playing’s best kept secret – the LEFT HAND SLAP TECHNIQUE. This 2 minute video reveals you DON’T NEED A SUPER-FAST THUMB – rather it’s the “secret” Left Hand Slap Bass Technique creating the illusion! In just TWO MINUTES you’re going […]

Used SWB-1 Fretless in stock – 1 only!!

I have just one last original SWB-1 fretless in stock!  It’s been used sparingly by me and is in first class condition. Grab this bargain before it goes…. Here’s the link – Have a great day, Scott.


It’s an incredibly comprehensive day-by-day, week-by-week course that builds/rebuilds your slap technique from the ground up and deals with ALL the issues people have getting their head around this incredibly fun way of playing the bass. Also covering instrument setup, string choice, amplifier/effects and so on… Featuring weekly 1 hour HD/multi camera video lessons with […]