“NO SLAPPING” down-under!!!!!

I recently arrived down in Auckland  for a short tour with Big Country of New Zealand & Australia. Yesterday I checked out a couple of awesome local music shops and got my firs chance to play the new Ibanez Talman TMB30 short scale bass!!! I almost got thrown out of the shop in the process… […]

The March pre-order finishing line is in sight!

I have been driving through the night to collect the world’s 2nd batch of SWB-1 Standard basses!! Plenty of coffee has been consumed (I should be sponsored by Costa!! :-D) and not far to go now… Thanks to all those waiting for their March pre-orders for being great sports and hanging in there! The finish […]

They’re here!!!!!

After an amazing two weeks in the Dominican Republic celebrating 25 years of marriage to my wonderful wife, I’m back at Short Scale Bass UK HQ and it’s fill steam ahead getting the first production batch of SWB-1 Standard short scale basses setup and shipped out to you wonderful folks!! The next production run arrives late March […]

Scott Whitley Bass – short-scale done right!

Jon Moody wrote a fabulous piece recently about the release of the SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass! “Most of the time, when someone looks at a short scale bass, there is that inherent trade-off that kicks in. Sure, it will be more comfortable to play, due to the shorter scale length. But, it usually comes at the cost of […]