Helping GHS make a more universal short-scale string…

Around 18 months ago whilst looking for the perfect string set for my SWB-1 basses, I was contacted by Jon Moody from USA string makers GHS.  We instantly struck up a great working relationship and I found their bass strings to be phenomenal!! The age old problem of many manufacturer’s short scale strings not actually fitting […]

I’m Back!!!!

Hi All! After a very much needed extended break from Social media, I’m back and will be producing a whole bunch of new content for YouTube as well as reviews, tips and other useful articles on here! 🙂 In the meantime I’ve been getting my chops back together by immersing myself in 80s pop-bass heaven playing […]

“NO SLAPPING” down-under!!!!!

I recently arrived down in Auckland  for a short tour with Big Country of New Zealand & Australia. Yesterday I checked out a couple of awesome local music shops and got my firs chance to play the new Ibanez Talman TMB30 short scale bass!!! I almost got thrown out of the shop in the process… […]

The March pre-order finishing line is in sight!

I have been driving through the night to collect the world’s 2nd batch of SWB-1 Standard basses!! Plenty of coffee has been consumed (I should be sponsored by Costa!! :-D) and not far to go now… Thanks to all those waiting for their March pre-orders for being great sports and hanging in there! The finish […]