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Used SWB-1 Fretless in stock – 1 only!!

I have just one last original SWB-1 fretless in stock!  It’s been used sparingly by me and is in first class condition. Grab this bargain before it goes…. Here’s the link – Have a great day, Scott.


It’s an incredibly comprehensive day-by-day, week-by-week course that builds/rebuilds your slap technique from the ground up and deals with ALL the issues people have getting their head around this incredibly fun way of playing the bass. Also covering instrument setup, string choice, amplifier/effects and so on… Featuring weekly 1 hour HD/multi camera video lessons with […]

Flatwounds meet the SWB-1!!!

Turn the SWB-1 into a vintage/soul/reggae/jazz soul machine with a set of flatwound strings!! If clear, piano-like tones aren’t your thing then this video is for you.  You’ll be amazed at just what a difference a set of flats can make…

Helping GHS make a more universal short-scale string…

Around 18 months ago whilst looking for the perfect string set for my SWB-1 basses, I was contacted by Jon Moody from USA string makers GHS.  We instantly struck up a great working relationship and I found their bass strings to be phenomenal!! The age old problem of many manufacturer’s short scale strings not actually fitting […]