***SOLD*** Richwood 3/4 Short Scale P-Bass with Seymour Duncan VINTAGE SPB-1 pickup


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This is from my own personal collection of Short Scale basses.  It’s a lovely short-scale bass with BAGS of classic P-Bass tone. These early Richwoods are (imho) the best short-scale P-Basses you can get and are VERY rare!!  Build quality is superb.

This is the bass I used when touring with the mighty Steve Cropper and The Animals in 2014.  It was just the trick for those Duck Dunn lines.  Here’s me playing it with The Colonel …

The bass has a maple neck, rosewood board,  sunburst finish and as mentioned above, a Seymour Duncan VINTAGE SPB-1 pickup

Here’s the ‘low-down’ on the SPB-1…

Vintage correct split-coil Precision Bass pickup made to look and sound like the late 50s originals.

The P-bass has defined recorded and live music since its inception, and the Vintage P-Bass pickup nails all the things we love about that distinctive tone. You will get just the right balance of authoritative thump and clear articulation for an authentic P-Bass feel. Our Vintage P-Bass pickup uses hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets, and a vintage coil wind to deliver all of the bold, smooth tone of the late 50s Precision Bass.. This pickup is a drop-in replacement for any American Standard Precision bass. Since 1978, weve been hand building all of our vintage Fender style pickups with the right color and thickness of Forbon flatwork, along with the period correct hand ground alnico 5 rod magnets. Each pickup comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires. We hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer the bobbin just as it was done during Fenders Golden Age. Comes with black non-logo covers.

The bass in lovely condition overall but does have a couple of small battle scars from the tour.

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Dimensions 120 × 45 × 25 cm


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