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Scott Whitley Bass – short-scale done right!

Jon Moody wrote a fabulous piece recently about the release of the SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass! “Most of the time, when someone looks at a short scale bass, there is that inherent trade-off that kicks in. Sure, it will be more comfortable to play, due to the shorter scale length. But, it usually comes at the cost of […]

SWB-1 Standard heard by millions….

On New Year’s Eve famous Polish bassist Pawel Marciniak played his SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass in a stunning outdoor setting in front of a huge (slightly cold) audience.  The performance was broadcast LIVE to some 3,000,000 viewers.  Below is the link to the concert.  Check it out – I’m sure you’ll agree Pawel’s playing and tone are superb… […]

Introducing the SWB-Standard short-scale bass guitar…

It’s been a long time coming but finally here’s the full demonstration video of the fretted SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass. This video looks at the passive & active models both in solid ash and solid mahogany. Now taking pre-orders – http://www.shortscalebass.co.uk/product/swb-1-standard-short-scale-bass-guitar/

So that’s what a short-scale Fender Jazz bass sounds like…

 …a Fender Jazz bass!! 🙂 Sorry for posting another lesson.  BUT – this is the only footage I have of my fabulous short-scale Fender Jazz ‘modern player’ bass.  It does sound (to my ears) very typically Fender-Jazz, just like the big ones.  My only real gripe with this bass was the lack of frets, and […]