EXCITING FUTURE for the SWB-1 Standard!!!!

Chowny SWB-1 Standard mockup


Since launching the SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass back in November, the orders have continued to come in thick and fast! It’s been genuinely humbing to hear how this little bass is the answer to so many players needs out there….

With a growing number of orders comes an ever-increasing work-load and whilst I’m not scared of hard work, there is only one of me! 😀 Consequently it’s getting very difficult to co-ordinate touring, recording, teaching, processing orders, answering emails, setting up/shipping out basses and being a husband . PLUS I haven’t posted a new lesson on my YouTube channel for months!! :-O

I LOVE doing ALL the above but something has to change in order to move forwards effectively

The answer, it transpires, comes in the form of Mr. Stephen Chown the founder of Chowny basses who is excited to take on the SWB-1 Standard under license from me. I’ve worked closely with Stephen over the past 18 months and have 100% respect and trust for him both as a business man and a friend. Stephen is the only person I’d entrust with the SWB-1 as he shares my vision of producing fantastic quality basses at affordable prices.

So what does this mean for you the customer?? Well it’s a genuine WIN-WIN situation! Stephen’s a professional, organised sort with a good head for business who doesn’t go off on tour, or recording sessions etc. This means orders will be processed more quickly and efficiently. He’s also well connected in the business and we could even see the SWB-1 in retail outlets soon! The move will free me up to concentrate on what I’m good at (ish) – playing bass, which translates to tons more free lessons, demos and reviews for the bass-playing community!!!

ALL new basses will still come with a proper set-up to my exacting specification by a professional luthier PLUS we’re making some improvements to the bass including a contoured neck heel, and through-body stringing!!

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported both my YouTube Channel and the SWB-1 Standard project so far. The best is yet to come!!!