Helping GHS make a more universal short-scale string…

mediumAround 18 months ago whilst looking for the perfect string set for my SWB-1 basses, I was contacted by Jon Moody from USA string makers GHS.  We instantly struck up a great working relationship and I found their bass strings to be phenomenal!!

The age old problem of many manufacturer’s short scale strings not actually fitting many short scale basses came up and we decided to address this problem once and for all.  We discussed how the wound part of the string needed to be slightly longer to clear the nut on some basses, but not so much so that it would be too long for others.  Being in the pretty rare position of having many short-scale basses to hand from different manufacturers I took my measuring tape and found an average length that would work for almost all* of my short scale basses.  Jon had several samples made up in lengths around this target length (some very slightly longer or shorter) and sent them over to me.  The one that worked best and fitted the most basses is now the new winding length for GHS short scale bass strings.

The new length strings are now in full production so go check ’em out on your short scale bass!! 🙂  I feel privileged to have worked with Jon and GHS on this solution and equally glad here’s now a range of short scale strings that should fit your basses better.

*Note: Basses with through-body stringing or lating bridge/tailpiece arrangements will most likely still require you use medium scale strings.