***SOLD*** Epiphone EB-0 short scale bass – Korean built model


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Again – looks-wise, SG-shaped basses are the coolest!

This is a lovely Korean-built example of Epiphone’s EB-0 bass, modeled on the 60’s Gibson EB-0 short scale bass, the main differences being the pickup isn’t as muddy as the old 60s ones, and the neck is bolt-on, rather that set.

The condition is almost mint, the only mark being near the top edge on the front.  The bass is set up with a lovely low action and plays great.  The mahogany body/neck combo makes for a very growly tone.

Back to the pickup – although the purists will hate me, I hoestly find these re-issue pickups WAAAYYYY more versatile that a true mudbucker, yet it’s still very easy to dial in the ‘mud’ if you so want to.  Pick playing, and even slap actually do work well on these Epi’s.

I’ll shoot a video as soon as time allows

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 120 × 45 × 25 cm


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