Fred Kelly Poly Flat Pick 6-pack


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These plectrums are SUPERB and are the ones I use when playing with Big Country.  They have a very sharp attack but with plenty of body to the tone.  Even when the pick hits the string at an angle, there is no scraping, just a clean and clear note.

The textured grip is the best I’ve come across.  The pick almost feels like it’s moulded to fit your thumb and they stay put!!

They look great too with their transparent colours.

Polycarb has an appealing transparent color, and creates a brighter sound than nylon or delrin. These picks feature our unique fine textured grip.
Fred Kelly flatpicks are available in nylon, delrin, or polycarb materials and in all of your favorite gauges.

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Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 8.1 × 1.5 × 11.4 cm

Light, Medium, Heavy


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