***SOLD*** Richwood 3/4 short scale bass in Cream – outstanding condition


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This is one of three Richwood 3/4 basses I originally owned.  This one for the most part has been strung up as a piccolo bass (one whole octave above std bass tuning).  In fact it is still currently strung with piccolo strings.

The cool thing here is that the bass still has the original nut fitted, meaning all that’ll be required to use as a regular bass again is a string change and possibly a quarter-turn of the truss rod.  I can do this upon request for you, ad can supply new strings.

If you don’t already know, piccolo bass tuning turns the instrument into more of a lead/melody/chordal instrument.  Great fun for jamming along with tracks, or (if you dare) fulfilling the guitar role in a band context with another bassist playing ‘regular’ bass!  It’s also a great for learning harmony.

Here’s a tune I used this actual bass on to play the lead (no – it’s not guitar lol) – 

The bass has a couple of upgrades, including a heavy-duty lockable bridge and an Artec preamp.  The controls are Volume, Pan, Treble (cut/boost) & Bass (cut/boost)

Oh yes – it’s in beautiful condition too!


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