***SOLD*** Shaftesbury Telecaster short scale bass – Vintage (early 70s)


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I wanted one of these for years – always thought they looked like they would just, “work”.  When this beautiful example came up for grabs I had to have it!!!

After carefully shimming the neck, adjusting the trussrod, action & pickup height this thing plays like a absolute DREAM!!  I’ve currently got it strung with GHS Super Steels and sound-wise, it’s just about as P-Bass as you can get.  That pickup may look like a regular single-coil, but I’m 99% certain it’s a split-coil in there, hence the P-Bass tone.

Playabilty wise, the bass weighs ‘nothing’ so is ridiculously comfortable to wear.  The top horn is pretty extended so balance is perfect, however (as with many short scales with long top horns) access to the upper frets is slightly hampered by my slightly large belly lol.  Not an real issue, it just means I have to push the bass slightly to my left when playing up there.  The string spacing at the bridge is very narrow – not much more that at the nut.  This is definitely a ‘Marmite’ thing, but I happen to love it, and slapping ain’t a problem at all, believe it or not.

Condition-wise, it’s stunning for a 40-odd year-old instrument with minimal cracking/checking of the paint, and a couple of small cracks on the edge of the pick-guard.  It must be as good as an example as you could get.

I’ll get a video/sound sample uploaded asap.


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