Scott Whitley Bass – short-scale done right!

Jon MoodyJon Moody wrote a fabulous piece recently about the release of the SWB-1 Standard short-scale bass!

“Most of the time, when someone looks at a short scale bass, there is that inherent trade-off that kicks in. Sure, it will be more comfortable to play, due to the shorter scale length. But, it usually comes at the cost of the tone; many short scale basses have the notoriety of being thick, muddy and thumpy. And that’s WITH round wound strings on it, so they can become completely undefined and lost in the mix if flatwounds are put on them. Scott Whitley, a longtime bassist in the UK, is a big fan of short scale basses (you can check out his online site and valuable resource, to see for yourself) and is familiar with the specific needs and hurdles with a shorter scale instrument. With this knowledge and experience, Scott has created the SWB-1 Standard, a short scale bass that will be available on January 20, 2016.”

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